We are artisans. Our products are unique


We manufacture quality furnishings, design and manufacture furniture.

Our history

Our company was founded in 1962 through the work and entrepreneurship of Luigi Rigamonti.

Luigi’s professional formation started in the‘50s with the experience made at the Mapelli Company, with a workshop in San Giorgio di Villasanta (MB) and offices in via Rossini in Milano. Hand designing custom furnishings, he specialised in planimetrical designing at the important Milanese construction sites of that period, such as the Madonnina Clinic, Palazzo Galbani, the RAI building, the Beata Capitanio Clinic, and the Gaetano Pini Hospital…

Later he worked as mechanical modeller because “modelling was work of precision”. And in the ‘60s he started his own company in Viganò.

In 2004 he founded Rigamonti Arredi together with his sons and with, the experience passed down, the untiring adventure of this passion for craftsmanship, carpentry, and custom-made interior furnishings and furniture continues through the years.

The inherent traits of Luigi’s work since the very beginning remain the same today: the curiosity for learning the craft, in its minute tasks as much as in the grand works, expertise in metrical surveying, drawing not only as a figurative medium but above all as the representation of the actual model for manufacturing, and therefore the study of details, the hands on creation that makes each product a unique and special piece.

The Team

The company is made up of the founder, Luigi Rigamonti and his sons Luca, Matteo, and Corrado.

Luca, architect, is in charge of the composition and graphic representation of the projects, he takes care of defining the details of interiors and of the general surveying, and he produces estimates and final accounting.


Matteo, surveyor, is in charge of the technical drawings for production, he follows production, takes care of all details both during production and installation.


Corrado is the production and painting technician and is in charge of the manufacturing process through all its’phases right up to the finished product: from the selection of the raw materials to assembly and finishings, even packing for shipping and organizing installation.


Luigi is the founding father of the company, he superintends and follows all manufacturing with a craftsman’s eye acquired though years of experience; together with his sons he personally attends to special orders which might require particular mastery of techniques and materials.


A family in love with wood and its infinite potential.
Rigamonti Arredi
Rigamonti Arredi

A family business

Luca Rigamonti
Luca Rigamonti


Matteo Rigamonti
Matteo Rigamonti


Corrado Rigamonti
Corrado Rigamonti

Production and paint technician

Luigi Rigamonti
Luigi Rigamonti



Artisan carpenters.
We manufacture high quality interiors, design and manufacture custom made furniture, whole interiors, kitchens, bedrooms, decorative elements and furnishings.

Made in Brianza
We have been working in Italy’s furniture district par excellence for two generations.
Where to find us
via XXIV Maggio, 17

via Leonardo da Vinci, s/n

23897 Viganò Brianza
Lecco - Italy
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phone +39 039.958724
fax. +39 039.9287112

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